Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A little blog housecleaning

I have been meaning to do a little work on the stuff over there on the left for a while.
I had blogs in the blog roll that had not been updated in quite a while.
So I removed them.
If your blog was in there and you update it, let me know. I want to read it. And I will put you back in there.

But for now, I want to keep things more current.

The other thing I added was a feed from
I am not sure how long I will maintain that. But for now it is something I want to learn more about, so there it is.

Some of the new blogs on the blog roll:

Blog it Like You Mean it - Angela in Idaho, whom I have never met but found on the blogosphere. We seem to share a similar sensibility and if I am ever in Boise, I want to meet her.

Girl of Words - Jacque Jo, formerly of West Virginia, now in the Washington, D.C., area. Same type of thing as with Angela.

If I Were Allowed to Speak - Rachel Shell of Washington state. She is a fabulous photographer who inspires me to take better photos.

Louisiana Lowdown - Beth in Baton Rouge. I started reading Beth's blog here and there about a year ago on a friend's recommendation. I read it more regularly since we had a chance to meet in April at the copy editors' conference in Denver.

Nerdy Words - Another Beth. This is Beth in Florida. She is another copy editor. We first met at the conference in Miami in 2007 and then again in Denver in April. She's a red-haired spitfire with a knack for grammar.

Palos Verdes Daily Photo - I found this site quite by accident. But it was a happy accident. I like to see someone else's take on things and places that are so familiar to me.

Psycho Solo Diver - Psycho, for short. He dives. A lot. Mostly around the South Bay. And he makes some wicked Korean ribs on a charcoal grill in a parking lot.

Watch Yer Language - Craig Lancaster, an editor and blogger at the Billings Gazette in Montana. I have to make sure I keep on my toes here now or he just might call me on it.

Round Robin Photo Challenge - This is something I started a while back, posting entries on another blog. They give you an assignment twice a month and you go take some pictures. Then you post them on your blog and they link to you. It's a fun way to see how different people see the world around them. I got out of the habit of this for a couple months. But I am planning to get back in starting with this weekend's topic.

And finally...

Letting Crazy Take a Spin - What started out as a super-secret blog that became not-so-secret somehow. I have stopped blogging there in an effort to consolidate things a bit. It was too much trying to keep three blogs.
And I have deleted some of the posts that were there. I mean, hey, my mom reads this blog!
But there is still some stuff there, including previous entries to the Round Robin challenges.

So, that is all for now. Just a light fall cleaning.


Tash said...

Jill - so glad you found PVDP! I'm thrilled that you are blogging in So Bay - definitely a different perspective. So you dive & cook (really well!) & blog - it's so impressive. I love the dive shots - I don't see that at all. My favorite quirky shot (from a quick scan) is CAT WOMAN. I'll have so much fun seeing more.

Jeff said...

So are either of the Beths hot? They don't have any pictures on their blogs, so I can't tell.

Jill said...

Tash - Thanks for checking in. The bulk of the really good photos are on my old blog, Letting Crazy Take a Spin, down in the list of things on the right side of this blog.
But anything I do for challenges will go here from now on.

And Jeff - I think both Beths are hot, smart, funny and awesome.

jacque jo said...

thank you for giving me a shout out. :) I need to replace the double-secret probation blog with this one!

I need to schedule a west coast trip. I've got a lot of people to see.