Thursday, December 11, 2008

Starting over, in a way

So I started my new job last week.
It's not really like a whole new job since I work at the same place, just in a different department now.
But it has left me zapped of any creativity and energy.
The first week was watching other people work basically.
Most of the stuff I did in my last job doesn't not apply in the new job. It's all new software to do the work and all new ways of thinking about things.

I have felt displaced without a real workstation of my own. I got tired of waiting for "them" to come move my computer, so I did it myself over the weekend.

But I still have no phone at the new desk. I still feel unsettled. I am still learning the people and the new dynamic after three years of being so at ease with the people in my old department.

And I have felt pretty useless at my job. Which I hate.

I like to be busy. I like to fill the day so the day goes faster.

I know that as I get better with the new processes, it will get better in general.

I had a little "aha" moment tonight. After wondering all day if I had done the right thing and wondering if I would get this and be able to do the most basic things, I had the "aha" moment.

I can do this. It will become second nature.

Just like the process in the old job, this stuff will sink into my skull and become second nature.

Now if only I could get a phone.

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