Friday, June 1, 2007

It's a learning experience

Here are some pictures of a bowl I made last session at P.V. Art Center. This was done on the wheel.

I am thinking that I am better with the handbuilding technique than with throwing. But this one came out nice. Small, but nice. It would make a good rice bowl. Too bad I am not good enough to make a set of 6.

I started with the white clay on the wheel. Afte the bowl was somewhat dry (leather hard they call it), I painted the whole thing with a slip (or colored clay). Once that dried, I carved through the darker color to reveal the white underneath. This was just a random, organic pattern. I think it turned out pretty nice.

This is one of my favorite techniques. I like carving.

Anyway, once it was carved, it was bisque fired. Then I glazed it in clear and it was glaze fired.

I think total time start to finish was a couple weeks. Active time was maybe an hour. The process is not a fast one.

Next session I am taking a class that focuses on handbuilding. I probably will keep trying the wheel, but not every week.

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