Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Nee-oh-kee with pesto cream sauce... or something like that

I did make that gnocchi with creamy pesto sauce and prosciutto on Saturday. I had some sauteed veggies on the side. It was pretty good.
Of course, you have to like gnocchi and some people just can't get past the doughiness of those little dumplings.
This was a cheaters dinner.
I bought the pre-made gnocchi, pesto sauce and a thing of creme fraiche from Trader Joe's.
I warmed the pesto and added the creme fraiche and a little parmesan cheese.
I boiled the water to cook the gnocchi.
In a sautee pan I heated a splash of olive oil and added some chopped garlic. When that just started to brown, I threw in some of the veggies I had leftover from the pizza toppings: sliced mushrooms and zucchini.
I let that start to sizzle a little and added a little Chardonnay to the pan. Then I covered it and turned up the heat. It only took a few minutes (the time it took to cook the gnocchi) to cook the veggies to just done.
I drained the water from the gnocchi and put it back in the pot and covered it with the sauce. I tossed it with some chopped prosciutto (also from TJs) and served.
Cheaters dinner. But tasty.

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ReesePie said...

we had gnocchi at Virgilio's on Monday, it was the first time I'd had it in a long time and it was FANTASTIC.