Friday, July 20, 2007

So exciting, I just might burst

I'd like to say that I haven't posted here for a day or so because I have been SO busy.
But mostly it's been pretty normal (boring) here, so I don't have much to report.
Yesterday I worked until about 8 p.m. After work I went out to dinner with the man friend.
For those who do not know why I use the term "man friend," it is because at my age I feel kind of silly saying "boy friend."
I'm not 16 anymore and I don't date boys.
Today I did some grocery shopping, ran a couple errands and had lunch with a friend.
Then I came to work. Not a bad day, just not exciting.
Since tonight is my late night, I will be meeting a former colleague or two for a beer after work. This is something we like to do on occasion. Usually it is once a week.
As for tomorrow... I can pretty much predict how that will go.
Wake up, do the early prep for dinner (put the chicken in to marinate, chop the veggies for the salad, etc.) then clean.
If I have time, I will do one other chore or errand before work.
Then I go to work. I should be out by 8 p.m.
The man friend is coming over for dinner tomorrow. I am going to grill some lemon-herb chicken and veggies and make some cous cous.
There you go. Exciting, huh?

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