Saturday, July 21, 2007

Normally I think this is a bunch of bunk, but...

I was reading the August issue of InStyle Magazine and came across my horoscope.
Normally I read them, but they tend to be so vague they can apply to anyone and anything.
But this one really caught my eye.
Here it is:


(April 20 to May 20)

It's all about nesting this month as checking out paint chips and meeting with contractors will fill your schedule. Even when costs mount, you'll get joy from seeing your vision take form.

There was more, but that was the vague part...

So, um, WOW. If you have been reading here, you know that I am in the early stages of getting my kitchen remodeled.
They deliver the appliances Monday. The cabinets should be done and delivered by the end of July. Which means actual work will start in August.
For once my horoscope seems to be right on.
Now, how does this work for the other millions and millions of Tauruses (Tauri??) out there? Are they all remodeling, too?

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