Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Deck update

I got me some steps. At least on the side that leads to the back yard.
Which is important since that is where the barbecue is.
Work on the other set of steps probably will start tomorrow.
Oh, and my planters.
My man friend and I were discussing what kind of plants would be good for those.
I need something hard to kill. I am thinking succulents.


Alex said...

Not to make the job more difficult or anything, but may I suggest a ramp there on the left (east) side between the steps and the wall. That would make taking stuff (eg: the hot tub you just gotta have) to the back yard easier when using a dolly.

The design and workmanship look top-notch; well done mr. man-friend.

Jill said...

hmmm... a ramp.

maybe down the line. for now I just want my steps on the other side.