Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Missing... one doughnut hole...

OK. I got my "Simpsons Movie" soundtrack yesterday.

It arrived while I was at work.

Normally I leave the mail until I at least have changed out of the heels and work clothes and thought about what I will fix for dinner.
But as soon as I saw that box I had to know... does it really smell like doughnuts?

So I tore into the packaging and opened it to find a plastic doughnut case, but there was no doughnut hole!

I guess they left it solid so there would be something inside the case for the CD to grip onto.

But given how advanced packaging is, you'd think they could figure out a way to make the hole.

Anyway, about that smell.

It does smell like doughnuts! I brought it to work so other people could smell it. They confirmed the doughnut smell and also thought the lack of hole was odd.

I did listen to it on the way to work today.
It's amazing how you can watch a movie but not really think about the music as you are watching it.

For the most part the songs are instrumentals. There are vocals on "Spider Pig."

There is a track called "Recklessly Impulsive" that sounds like the theme song done as a techno, club version.

There also is a song called "Thank You Boob Lady." I just like the title of that one.
I think my favorite song on there is "Release the Hounds."

It's got a good beat, and I can dance to it.


Ninja Of The Mundane said...

That's awesome, Jill. A total collector's item. That gets immediate entrance into the Kitsch Hall Of Fame.

Was the "Boob Lady" song from the movie?

Jill said...

Yeah. The boob laday gave Homer advice when Marge left him in Alaska.
She told him about epiphanies.