Saturday, August 11, 2007

That will be $406.75... plus parts and labor

Well, I got my car fixed.
Apparently one of the four engine coils had gone bad.
Whatever the hell that means.
So the guy tells me that when one goes bad, the others usually follow suit in short order. He suggested replacing them all now.
What the hell? It's only money, right.
So I went for it. I just need my car to be in excellent working order since I drive 70-plus miles a day to and from work.
They had it done in a couple hours and I was on my way to work.
I did a little checking on the Kelly Blue Book site and found out that a car in excellent condition has a trade in value of about $15,475. A car in good condition has a trade-in value of about $14,465.
I think my car falls somewhere in the middle.
It does have a few more miles than the average, but all the service has been done at the dealer and the car itself looks pretty good. There is only one little ding on the passenger side.
Kelly Blue Book gave the private-party resale value as $18,000 and the retail value (what a dealer would resell it for) was $21,450.
I really would like not to have a car payment in all this.
I liked my Honda. It was reliable and good on gas, but the Civic seems a little too small for me now that I have had the Audi.
With gas prices what they are and the drive I do everyday, I don't think I want an SUV.
Anyone have any cars they just love?


Jennifer said...

Geez, is walsh having this many problems with his audi? He got his a couple months after you got yours. What a pain in the arse.

Jill said...

His is a newer body style. I don't know what other changes they made on that model.
I did ask him about lights burning out, since I seem to have a lot of those.
He said he does, too. The car just eats taillights and headlights.