Thursday, September 27, 2007

Animals really do have an extra sense or something

I cannot figure out how he does it, but George knows before I do when the workers arrive.
Maybe he hears the truck, which is just a normal pickup not some big work truck.
What I find really funny is that as soon as he hears them, he bolts for the bedroom and hides under the bed or behind the drapes.
But how does he know it is them?
When the manfriend or my sister show up in their trucks, he doesn't run and hide.
When I show up in my car and even in the rental (which is now a truck not a Buick), he runs toward the door, not away from it.
But anytime a worker of any kind arrives, he bolts before they even make it to the front steps. He hates workmen of all types: cable guys, painters, plumbers, kitchen guys... whatever.
Maybe he has bionic ears.


ReesePie said...

Yay for bionic ears! I know what you mean - our cats know when it is us and not someone else. Very strange.

Jill said...

It was funny today when he ran for the bedroom, because the door was closed. So he panicked and tried to go into the guest room.
Then he turned to go into the third room.
He was running from door to door to door, just terrified.
I know it is mean, but I had to laugh at him.
Then I let him into the bedroom.