Friday, September 28, 2007

It's all just shades of gray

Tile that is.

Work continues on the kitchen.

The faucet, etc. are in and look great.

The glass doors are hung, but I forgot to take a picture of them.

There were a couple guys working today and they had the sink hooked up before I left for work. Running water sounded SO good.

They also said they would have the cooktop and the oven hooked up today.

I think the plan was to finish off everything but the dishwasher and the fridge. That way they can come back after the tile is done and all they will have to do is slide the fridge into place and connect the dishwasher.
So I got all the tile Monday. It is gray, so it will be neutral, but still tie in with the counters and offset the stainless steel appliances.

It should be much better than the old, white tile.

I think I will be very happy with it.


Sona said...

Excellent! I love the countertops. Do you have one of those 'hot water all the time' things there on the left? Or is that a soap thing?

Jill said...

No hot water all the time.
That is just a soap dispenser that came with the faucet.
I wasn't sure how much I would really use it since you have to get under the sink to take it out and refill it.
But you know, it's not like I would be refilling it every day or probably even every week. So I may give it a shot.