Wednesday, September 26, 2007

One decision down, one to go

I picked out floor tile over the weekend and went ahead and bought it.

I will take some pictures of that, maybe tomorrow morning, and post them.

It is a medium gray porcelain and the tiles are 16x16 inches and it cost $1.79 a square foot.

The man friend has agreed to help me do the floors this weekend. He is a brave man and I really appreciate the help.

I am still undecided on the backsplash. I am leaning toward the original plan of the subway tile, but I am having trouble finding a color I like that isn't going to cost $20 a square foot.

The floor is about 125 square feet and the splash is about 35 square feet. I hate to spend three times as much on the splash as I do the floor.

We shall see. It may just come down to me biting the bullet and paying more to get something I really love.

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