Saturday, September 8, 2007

Maybe I really AM a pushover

So the kitchen guys told me Wednesday that they would be "working all week."
Of course, that meant 3 days, 4 if they included Saturday.
So on Wednesday they finished the plaster.
On Thursday, I saw them driving up the hill to my house as I was on my way to get pancakes.
By the time I got back from pancakes, they were gone and there seemed to be no visible progress.
Friday one guy showed up to prime the walls.
I asked him "Hey, did you guys work yesterday?" knowing full well that they did not.
"Oh," he said "we just came to drop off our tools."
This is getting stupid.
I called the project coordinator chick Thursday to see that the heck was happening.
She told me they would have the bottom cabinets installed Monday so they could make the countertop template and order my counters.
I so doubt that will be happening now.
It takes at least a week for them to fabricate the countertops.
She also said ALL cabinets would be installed by this Wednesday.
Again, I think this is bunk.
The guy Friday said there would be people there today to start the cabinets.
This morning my phone rings at 8.
"Hello. I'm sorry, but my helper called in sick so I can't come work on the cabinets today."
"Um, OK. So you will just be here Monday?"
"Right. Monday."
I don't want to get too bitchy because I worry that they will rush the job and not do it as well.
Plus I am nice. I have a hard time getting cranky with these guys because they are doing a job I neither want nor could do.
So what do I do?

Anyway, I will take some pictures tomorrow of the newly patched and plastered and primed walls.


Sona said...

I would call a couple of other people in to look at the job. Make it clear that the guys working on the job right now are not showing up and that you'll pay for a quick finish.

When I had roof problems and needed to replace a section of my roof due to storm damage, I had a guy string me along for almost 3 months.

I called another roofer and told them they whole thing and if they could do the job fast I had cash in hand.

Got the job done in 3 days from that phone call.

Don't be a pushover. There are always other workers.

Jill said...

The thing is, I have a contract with them and technically they have not broken any part of it.
We shall see what happens today with cabinets and such.
I always have such high hopes that people will just do what they say will be done.
Naive, I know.

ReesePie said...

From what I know of construction, this is par for the course, sadly. I even had a couple of good friends start a construction business and they were so lazy and useless I wanted to disown them as friends. Thankfully I didn't hire them to do any work for me, but my mom did and we were both sorry.

Jill said...

Yeah, things do seem to be moving now.
At least with cabinets going in, I can see progress.
I will be posting more about this later with some new photos of early cabinet installation.

Alex said...

Have you tried bribes? Corona?

Jill said...

Dude, I want the work to be done sober. I don't need crooked cabinets. My dishes will slide out.