Monday, September 3, 2007

Time to (cough, cough) clean up (achoo!) some of this damn dust

Dust is everywhere.
A mere plastic drop cloth cannot stop it from migrating from the demolished kitchen to the living room, then the bathroom, then the bedroom and office.
So today is a cleaning day.
Smack dab in the middle of my 3-day weekend.
Of course, being the procrastinator that I am, I felt the need to tell you all that I will be cleaning today.
But I cannot put it off any longer.
Oh wait... Look at that. It's lunch time.
OK. Just a quick bite and then down to the dust bowl I go.
I hope you all are having more fun than I am today.


Sona said...

Oh god - whatever you do, don't get sheetrock (drywall) dust wet. It doesn't clean up wet, it just smears and makes this terrible goo.

You have to sweep up that kind of dust. Trust me.

Alex said...

As soon as they're done creating dust, change the filter in the whole-house ventilation system. It will pick up an amazing amount of that nasty stuff.

Jill said...

Yeah, I used to work summers with my dad back when he did drywall.
I know how nasty that stuff can be.
I used a big push broom to get up most of it. It is hard to sweep on the paper they put down over half the living room floor.
But I did get up quite a lot.
Then I used a couple Swiffers to pick up the rest.

Good idea on the filter. That is the vent in the hallway? The one near the hole that goes up into the attic/crawlspace? Thanks!