Saturday, December 15, 2007

Routine maintenance

Things have been quite busy at work and, of course, the chores never stop at home.
I had my house cleaned this past Monday and it was great. But there is still the daily maintenance to keep it looking so nice.
I am the type to come in the door, set my bag on the first horizontal surface, kick off my shoes and change into pajamas.
Which means there is usually stuff that must be put back where it belongs.
I also have the cats, which means a lot of sweeping and cat-hair hunting.
So far I am doing an OK job with the upkeep.
I want this to last at least until February. And at the rate days have been passing lately, the end of February will be here next week.

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Sona said...

I hear that. I finally instituted a system where everyone gets their own table and all their stuff that ends up everywhere gets moved to their table and delt with.