Monday, January 28, 2008

New blog alert! New blog alert!

Yep, I started another one.

I figured since I post so much about food on here, I would start a food blog just to keep track of things I have made and recipes I want to post.

I also think it will be good because it will keep posts here shorter and if someone really wants to see something or try a dish, they can find it easily on the new site.

From now on, you can find any recipes I post over on All That and She Cooks, Too.

I put a link to that in my Food Files section to the right.

So far it is all party recipes, but the more I cook, the more that site will grow.

Feel free to copy, modify, share and enjoy these recipes.

I will try to get around to listing all the recipes from over there at some point. I also will try to come up with a good labeling system so they can be more easily filtered.

Right now, I have dishes to wash.


Sona said...


I added it to my bloglist

Rachel Schell said...

cool! except now I have to add another of your blogs. hee hee.

Jill said...

Yay. Thanks for that both of you.
I figured it was the best way to keep the main blog as clutter free as possible.
Those recipes can take up a lot of space.

Susan said...

oooh, great ideas....I'll have to steal some of your recipes the next time I'm supposed to bring something for a potluck. Lord knows the fried rice gets a bit old.