Saturday, February 2, 2008

Super Bake Sunday

So tomorrow is the Super Bowl.
I will be doing the very ungirly thing by watching every minute of it. And no, not for the commercials.
I will watch because I like football and I like the Patriots. Yes, I liked them even back when they were losers.
While I am being ungirly and watching football all afternoon, I will counter that with the girly act of baking muffins.
Strawberry cream-cheese muffins to be precise.
I will make to sure document that and share it with you over on the food blog.
I made a pineapple coffee cake the other night. I was baking at 11 p.m. again. Crazy.
Sorry I have not posted that yet. There is still a bit left. If I can get to it to take a picture before the manfriend polishes it off, I will post that, too.

I also think I may do a big pan of steamed clams and mussels if I can get myself to the seafood market early enough.

It is supposed to be a rainy day tomorrow. It should be perfect for football watching and cooking.

Mostly I am just looking forward to the opportunity to not be at work.

I mentioned the other day to a colleague that I have jury duty coming up in March and how a nice, long, two-week trial sounds pretty good right about now.

His response was that it was sad when jury duty was more appealing than work.

I am sure it will settle down here soon. Just in time for everything to change again.

OK. I am off. Go Pats!

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