Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hasta la vista, baby

No Arnold.
Not on my floor anyway.


Celular said...
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ReesePie said...

shucks. It sucks that you couldn't see the terminator in person, even just for curiosity's sake.

It also sucks that you're being spammed.

Byronicus said...

I get the "privilege" of seeing Mr. Snotty Gover-nerd quite often when I go out for lunch in Brentwood. He eats frequently at the Toscana Italian Restaurant, which is in the same building I work in. (It's all atmosphere; I have had better Tuscan-Italian food at a Chinese take-out restaurant. Jill's cooking kicks their ass any day!)

Jill said...

Ha. Thanks for the cooking compliment, Byron.
I need to have you guys over for dinner again soon.