Friday, March 21, 2008

Cat's eye view

I don't know what it is about plastic bags, but Lucy just loves them.

She likes to lick them.

She likes to burrow down into them and make a nest.

I have a cupboard above the fridge that is pretty much just full of paper and plastic grocery bags.
When I get ready to go to the market, I grab a bunch out and throw them in the car to take to the store.

The rest of the time, they are just there in that cupboard.

Before the remodel, the cabinet above the fridge was only 12 inches deep. Which meant there was access to the top of the fridge.

Lucy used to love getting up there. I think she likes to have a vantage point looking down on things.

That and George is fat and a bad jumper, so he could not get her up there.

With the remodel, that access went away.

The cabinet is flush with the fridge so it has a more built-in look.

No more cat's eye view for Lucy.
But the other night I opened that cabinet while manfriend was standing there holding Lucy.

Immediately she started craning her neck to see into the cabinet and pushing against him like she wanted to jump in there.

So we put her in.

She burrowed back into the cloud of plastic bags so far that for a while we could not even see her.
Eventually she poked her pointy little face out and watched us from inside her plastic cocoon.

After about 30 minutes she had enough was was ready to come down. I got up to help her since the only way out would have been to jump from the cupboard to the bar counter and that is a long jump, even for nimble Lucy.

She is funny, my skinny, pointy old lady cat.

It's funny how we all have quirks and idiosyncrasies, even cats.


ReesePie said...

Minx likes bags too - she tries to eat them.

DeAnna Cameron said...

Wouldn't life be wonderful if you needed only a plastic bag to make you happy? I once had a cat who liked to try to scratch the print off newspapers. With her clawless paws she could never do it, of course, but I've always envied her optimism that someday... someday... :-)