Thursday, July 31, 2008

First dive day, St. Thomas

Here are some shots from the first dive excursion.
More to follow as Internet access permits, including some of the coral and the wreck we dove.

Right now you get fish.

Thursday's dives were scrubbed due to weather and other conditions.
Apparently the volcano on Montserrat erupted sending a large ash plume into the air. When that comes down, it can muck up the water.

I may try to go tomorrow, the last day here. After today was canceled, I was doubly glad I went yesterday.

Anyway, I am new to this diving stuff and not up on all my fish names. So mostly I won't know what these are, but if I do, I will label them.

On the way to Buck Island, passing Frenchman's Bay.

Yellow fin snapper.

Seargent Major fish guarding its eggs (the purple patches).

Parrot fish, me thinks.


Seargent Major, again.

Blue tang.

Parrot fish.

Wrasse. I really liked these guys. They were
on the small side. Nice colors, though.

Not a fish. Dive master Steve.

Southern sting ray.

Same ray, different angle. He was pretty tolerant.

Not a fish. Me, self-portrait style.

All that diving can work up the appetite.

Mmmmmm... sushi...

That's not wrong, is it?

Spicy crab roll, eel roll and yellowtail roll.
I ordered and was trying to take it easy on the sushi novices.

As I said, more to come at a later date.

This was an awesome way to start my diving here.


Psycho Solo DIver said...

Wow! Now I'm jealous. That trip looks so cool, but wasn't the Divemaster cold in those shorts?

And a Blue Tang? I never knew that even existed. It's amazing to know how many types of tang there are in the world.

Remember from your OW class - Don't dive at least 12 hours (should be 24) before you fly, otherwise you might have a really painful flight home and a trip to the chamber.

ReesePie said...

I think that the one that has good camoflage is a blenny of some sort...

Sona said...

Wonderful shots. You seem to be really loving this.

Jill said...

This was my first real vacation in four years and it was amazing.