Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Island style Internet

I wanted to update the blog while I am here in St. Thomas.

I have pictures on land and underwater.

But the Wi-Fi here is quite wonky.

So I will be happy to get in just this little post to say that I am having a great time.

So far I have been diving twice (four dives total). I have one more trip tomorrow with two dives.

I have been fishing, as well as kayaking and snorkeling in a mangrove preserve.

I've seen lots of colorful fish, large and small. The first dive day I saw a couple of rays (pictures to come later) and a turtle (sorry, it was either see the turtle as is swam away or get a picture. so no picture.)

Today the camera batteries went dead toward the end of the first dive. Which was a bummer. Right after that I saw a barracuda and on the second dive I saw a 4-5 foot long nurse shark.

I was quite proud of myself since I was the one who spotted it and got to point it out to everyone by using the little shark hand signal. Awesome!

Other than that, I have been enjoying the local sights (beaches and more beaches) and sounds (steel drums) and flavors (rum and rum and great Carib food).

And I may be addicted to a drink called a bushwhacker.

OK. More to come as I have time and Internet access. Pictures to come when I get home.

Oh, and yeah, I brought my laptop. I know it seems odd to bring a computer to a tropical vacation. But it was a great help when looking for dive companies and fishing boats and restaurants. So it was worth lugging it for sure.

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