Saturday, October 18, 2008

Round Robin: My hometown

It's Round Robin time. Click on the link to see what the other Robins have to offer.
The assignment this time was my home town.
In my heart, I probably will always think of Joshua Tree as my hometown since that is where I grew up.
But for the moment, and for about the past 15 years, Torrance has been my home town.
So here are some shots of Torrance.
After initially not being very inspired, I think I went a little overboard.
By the way, there are a lot of signs in Torrance telling you what not to do.

If you watched "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" or "Beverly Hills 90210" on TV, this should be familiar. This is Torrance High School. It is the fictional campus in both of those shows.

Next is the Daily Breeze newspaper building.
I used to work here.
This building has always reminded me of the bottom of a swimming pool. The tile work is something else.
Sadly, the paper was sold to one company and the property to another.
So the paper's operations will move to a nondescript office building and most likely this building will be scrapped to become yet another nondescript office building.

Progress, huh?

Up next is Pine Wind Garden at the Torrance Civic Center.

My uncle got married here earlier this year.
It is just a pretty little gem tucked into the middle of the civic center.

Old Torrance has a few interesting buildings. They sure beat those nondescript office buildings.

Really, most of the action in the city takes place at Charles Wilson Park.

It was very quiet on Monday when I was there to wander.
But Tuesdays and Saturdays are busy with the farmers market.
Shopping for produce and having something to eat was a great way to kill an hour before work Tuesday.

There you have it. A taste of Torrance. Which is just a scratch on the surface.


ellen b said...

Hi Jill,
You took some great creative photos! Looks like the farmer's market has some good homemade food! My husband and I lived in West L.A. when we were first married. My husband worked at El Camino College before we were married...
Have a great weekend. Looks like we'll have a cooler day today, yippee!

Teena in Toronto said...

Thanks for the tour!

I played too :)

Martha said...

Oh I liked the farmer's market best! Thanks for the tour :-)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Oh those strwberries look so good! I liked all the signs and of course the Farmers Market. Thanks for the tour:)

Gattina said...

It looks like a place for my holidays ! So sunny and blue !!

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Well, thee are all great, but my favorites are the various buildings. And how neat to see "Sunnydale High" again, and its pre-explosion state!

Ray said...

I love the photos! The pumpkin shot is my favorite. You have an extremely creative eye and I look forwad to more posts!!!

MariesImages said...

These were are wonderful shots!!
Love the colors & textures....the angle on some were really nice. You did a great job on this entry..Ü
Thanks for the tour!