Monday, June 25, 2007

Holy ... um... water. That wasn't as bad as I thought.

So the baptism went off without a hitch.
There were eight babies in the ceremony. I was stunned that it was not bedlam.
Of the eight babies, only one had parents who wanted it totally dunked in the baptismal font rather than just having the water poured over the forehead.
No, that was NOT my nephew.
My sister asked me about that. She considered it.
But I pointed out that if they poured the water over the forehead, she would have to deal with a baby with a wet head.
If they dunked him, swim diaper and all, into the font, she would have to deal with a WHOLE wet baby.
She opted for the less messy scenario.
You know, I find it funny that they "wash the babies of their sins" at a baptism.
Um, these are infants. My nephew, at 9 months old, may have even been about the oldest one. What sins do these babies have?
And before anyone explains the concept of original sin to me, I was raised Catholic. I know the deal. That doesn't mean it makes sense in a logical way.
Bring him back at 18, then 35, then 50, etc. Baptize him then. No doubt he will have racked up some sin by that time.
But 9 months?


wheatgerm said...

Its almost refreshing

Jill said...

You know, I was surprised when I went to get the commemorative bottle of holy water from the font. That water was warm. It was like a baby spa.
And when I got a little on my hand, it didn't even burn. ;-)

Ninja Of The Mundane said...

Let's just hope he doesn't turn into that creepy "Sixth Sense" kid.

And start working with him right away on inportant life lessons:

— You'll have to get divorced at least twice before you even begin to know what you're doing there.

— In California, In 'N' Out Burger is The One True Church. Daily worship services until 11 p.m. Drive-thru communion 24 hours a day in select locations.

— Dream of being anything you want ... even a big, strong, powerful president like Hillary Clinton.

— It's okay if you're not gay. You'll still always be "normal" to your mom and dad and me.