Thursday, June 28, 2007

Pretty much the worst job titles ever

So years ago I worked for a company that did payroll tax control for clients.
Basically that means when someone quit or was fired from a client company, the company I worked for would try to keep them from being paid unemployment.
Despite what people think, unemployment is not guaranteed just because you are fired or you quit.
Anyway, as part of this job we saw all sorts of paperwork people filed with the state to claim unemployment benefits.
One of the things they had to fill out was why they quit or were fired.
I remember a couple classics that were really just typos, but that is what made them funny:
---- Couldn't get alone with the boss. (Amazing how changing one letter in a word totally changes the whole meaning of a sentence. Seems she meant to write that she couldn't get along with the boss.)
---- Developed car-pool tunnel syndrome. (Because we all know how dangerous car-pool tunnels are.)

Even better than some of the reasons were some of the job titles. One of the clients was a meat-packing plant. They had the best of the worst job titles.

How would you like one of these jobs?

Hog pusher (not bad as a best of the worst job title, but it cant' beat the following...)


Enough said.

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Ninja Of The Mundane said...

Reminds me of the hilariously disgusting "jizz-mopper" dialogue from "Clerks" ....