Saturday, August 25, 2007

Pizza, hold the ... um, shampoo, please.

By the way, I didn't make a salad in the loo last night.
But I did wash some veggies in the sink to put on a pizza I made on the barbecue. I did the prep work on a corner of the dinner table that I cleared for that purpose.
The rest of the table is covered in stuff.
Anyway, the pizza came out great.
I've made it before, and it is so fast and easy and yummy.
I did simplify it as much as possible this time though.
No fancying up the marinara sauce, keeping ingredients to a minimum, using pre-shredded cheese.
But it was still great.
Anyway, I have stuff just spread out everywhere in the house.
Just getting a cup of coffee requires going into three rooms.
I am getting used to it though.
Maybe I will skip that Home Depot portable sink. It's kinda fun improvising.

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