Saturday, August 25, 2007

I am a 12-year-old boy trapped in a woman's body

OK. That headline sounds really wrong.

Mostly it just means that shit like the slogan on this truck just cracks me up.

Every time I see one of these trucks on the road, I chuckle.

I know. It's so juvenile.


Alex said...

Only way to make it better would be if a Bimbo bread truck were next to the meatwagon!

Lauren said...

Love it!

I've been trying for weeks to get the TV people downstairs to sell me an "Everyone Loves a Woodie" poster ...

Jill said...

Yeah, Lauren. That would crack me up, too.
Potty humor, masturbation innuendo, dick jokes... all funny.
Yep. 12 years old.

ReesePie said...

I'm with ya. Last night I was having a conversation with a guy - he was talking about joysticks for video games and said "this joystick only goes ONE way" and I nearly spit my martini on him. oops.

Lauren said...

Last year I got "naughty bits" into a headline in the school paper, giggled for the rest of the night, and popped it into my ACES portfolio because what the hell.

That ACES conference was great, but my favorite part happened when I wasn't even there: They projected my headlines all big during the opening session. Which means ...

I forced the best people in my field to admire my 2-foot-tall naughty bits.

I'm pretty sure that'll stand as the high point of my journalism career. But as long as there are headlines to be written and genitals to be referenced, I'm going to keep trying to top myself.

(Haha, top myself.)