Friday, August 24, 2007

Would you want to eat a salad made in the loo?

Not much to report on the kitchen today.

They didn't come to work on it yesterday and when they came today it was just to check out electrical stuff so they could shop for the right stuff.

I guess that is progress.

They said they will be back tomorrow.

They also said they will be cutting holes in the walls.


So I am now trying to do meals that are not all takeout. Though today was lunch out and takeout at my desk at work for dinner.

Tomorrow night I probably will grill.

I took a look at the lettuce and salad stuff in my fridge, but I could not bring myself to make a salad in the bathroom.

Friends tell me I will get over that after a week or so of takeout.

I just keep thinking about that episode of "Seinfeld" where Kramer had a garbage disposal put in his bathtub.

Elaine: "This food was in the shower with you?"
Kramer: "Mmm hmm... I prepared it as I bathed."


Alex said...

As I recall, Kramer washed food in the shower to save time. Just think of all the extra minutes per day you could have.

Seriously though, Depot has plastic sinks with faucet and hoses for about $39. I'll bet some gentleman could hook it up for you in the kitchen shell in about 15 minutes. Or if that's not realistic, you could put it in the garage, though you'd have to run the drain hose out to the lawn.

Or you could just use the water bottles and do it in the back yard.

Lots of options when your house is in shambles!

Jill said...

Hmm. Maybe I will look into that Depot sink thing.
I could hook it up on the back patio next to my barbecue.
Thanks for the tip!

ReesePie said...

that Seinfeld ep was the first thing on my mind as I read your blog - long before I got to the part where you mentioned it.

the temp. sink sounds like a good idea to me...

Jill said...

I'm going to give it a efw more days and see how much progress they make. Cabinets are supposed to go in Monday.

Ninja Of The Mundane said...

Mmmm, dead skin seasoning!

Jill said...

Yeah. That wasn't the biggest worry I had of what might get in my food if I prepare it in the bathroom.