Friday, September 5, 2008

Puppy update

It's amazing that it has only been a few months since my neighbor got his puppies, Sacha and Yukon.

These little fluffballs are now so big that when they stand at the wall for me to pet them, I no longer have to stretch to reach them.

Soon I think their paws will be up on top of the wall and they will be resting their chins on the edge waiting for me.

They are still very sweet and funny. Of course, they are. They are still puppies.

Sacha has become the more vocal of the two. So far the barking is minimal. Mostly he does that half whine, half bark thing.

Yukon is funny because sometimes she just sits there and looks at me just like she did that first day he brought her home. I have heard her back a few times; usually it is when she is wound up playing with Sacha.

I have made sure to let them see my face at all times of the day. I want them to know me so I can be in my own yard and not have them going crazy on the other side of the wall.
So far, so good. I have been over, with permission, to play with them a few times. They are clumsy and dopey and funny. So sweet.

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