Saturday, October 25, 2008

Trash toys

Cats are such strange creatures.

George, well, he is a cat all right.

I have bought this cat real cat toys in the past. He has some little animals that he plays with on occasion. But his favorite thing is the ring from the milk jug. I call them trash toys. He also like plastic forks. But those hurt more when you step on them in the middle of the night.

So what is the deal with that? Lucy is the same way.

She loves to play with the milk ring. But instead of playing with the plastic bags, she licks them.

And of course as soon as I try to take a picture or get a snippet of video, off she runs.

Aspen... well, Aspen is not much for play of any kind. She is a weird, skittish creature.

And then there is the box thing. If there is a box around, they all have to try it on for size.

Some cats are better suited to some boxes.

Big George. Tiny box. No problem.

He totally smashed this one when he tried to get more comfortable and stretch out in it.

Sometimes I look at them and wonder "Why do we keep these odd creatures in our homes?"

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Toni said...

Now that we have a cat and I have been watching her, I have decided there is very little difference between a 2-year-old and a cat.

Little kids do the same stuff: They play with trash instead of expensive toys, LOVE to sit in boxes, chase balls around, are fascinated by bugs.

In fact, I think our cat thinks she is one of the kids. The kids go outside to kick a soccer ball and she chases it along with them. She watches cartoons. When I feed them breakfast in the morning, she's pissed if she gets hers last. When both kids are squaking at me about something, she's usually meowing, too.

And they are all expert furniture wreckers.