Friday, October 24, 2008

Getting the boot

A while back I wrote about the trouble I have finding boots in my size.
It's really a pain sometimes wearing a size 12.

But good things came from that post.

About a week after I wrote it, my ex-husband called. He was at the Nordstrom Rack in Broomfield, Colo., with his girlfriend and they were looking at about six pair of boots in my size.
Did he want me to buy them and send them to me?

Um, yeah!

So he did. And I got them a couple days ago.
Going through the box was like Christmas morning.

I ended up keeping three pair of boots of the five pair of boots and one pair of shoes he sent me.
What I don't keep I will take back to a Nordstrom Rack here.
So, what did I keep?

This pair of brown Franco Sarto boots. They have no zipper, they slip on and fit super tight against the calf. The style is very simple and classic, with a nice stitching detail.
They were $45. Awesome.

I also kept another pair of brown boots. These are by Giovanni Z, a brand I had never heard of before. But they are cute. A little more casual and funky with all the buckles on them.
They were originally $99, but were on sale for half that price. Excellent!
Now I have two pair of brown boots.
I was only going to keep one, but at those prices, I am keeping them both. Maybe they will last longer if they are not pulling sole brown-boot duty.

The last pair I am keeping is a black pair. They are a slightly shorter boot, but still work great with pants, jeans and skirts that hit below the knee.
These are a Nordstrom house brand, BP.
They were $65.
They fit so well and I love the heel. Yes, that is a 4-inch heel.
But they are really pretty comfortable. Plus a lot of my sandals and pumps are that high, so I am fine walking in them.
I actually wore them yesterday even though it was about 90 degrees outside. I just paired them with a light-weight skirt and a sleeveless top.
Again, the buckle detail is fun. And they are well-made, so I should have these for several years with the right maintenance.
Good thing I have a great shoe-repair guy!

There was another pair of black and another pair of brown that I did not keep because they did not fit right.
There also was this pair of shoe-bootie type things by Franco Sarto
These are not really my style, but they looked like they would be cute with pants.
So I tried them.
But they are too pointy. Pointy does not work for me, so back they will go.

And the ex also offered to keep an eye out for more boots and shoes when he goes back to the Rack. Turns out his girlfriend has trouble finding shoes, too, since she wears a 10-11.

I took him up and that offer.

Hmmm... red boots could be fun!

So, huge thanks to him, and to his girlfriend who helped him pick out the boots he sent.
Seriously, how cool are they?


Jim Thomsen said...

So, divorce rules.

Z. Marie said...

Here's to men who like women with big feet ...

Jill said...

Jim - I would not go so far as to say that divorce rules.
I will say that it rules to be able to still be friends with the ex.

Zoe - Cheers to that!

Tash said...

Those boots are amazing. Great find.