Friday, October 24, 2008

Where I spend my days

We recently moved around here at work. I am now sitting on the other side of the building from where I was.
It's not a bad spot, just a different spot.
I am closer to the rest of my team, which is good.
But I do miss my nice, big, tucked-away corner.
But this will do.
With how newspapers are going these days, I am happy to have any desk.

Here is a look at some of my clutter. Some people have nothing personal, some people had boxes and boxes and cartloads of stuff to move.
I have just a few things to make it more pleasant. I like flowers.
Though I have decided not to keep anything here that I am not willing to walk away from.

More clutter and bits and pieces.

My new double-monitor setup. It is nice having the extra screen space. I had news pages up on one side to design and the other side was for the other stuff: messages, palettes, Internet, e-mail, etc.

So, there is is, where I spend my days. Well, my work days anyway.

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