Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Baby pictures

We have been wanting to get some really nice pictures taken of Ben, and I just happen to know a great photographer for such things.
Finally his schedule and our schedule meshed and we had Kevin Sullivan from Captured Youth come to the house for a little photo shoot a couple weekends ago.
I work with Kevin, so I already knew what a talented photographer he is. But after looking at his portfolio of baby and kid shots, I knew he would deliver some beautiful photos of Ben.
And he more than delivered.
I was so blown away when I saw these yesterday. And after the death Monday of my sweet Lucy cat, I needed something to lift my spirits.
This worked. The photos made me so happy that I almost cried again!
This is what happens when the emotions are already right at the surface, I guess.
Anyway, as a taster of what we can expect to see when we get the 97 proofs (how to choose?), we got a lovely slide show with music to share with friends and family.
We had such a great experience with Kevin, and the photos are stunning.
I am already thinking that we might need to have him come back for another session when Ben turns 1.

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